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Marijuana Attorneys


Though California law allows for the use of medical marijuana, U.S. attorneys and prosecutors may still charge you of a crime. State and federal laws on pot collide and without the best marijuana attorney you can be penalized, jailed, and suffer life-long consequences. You may lose your job, professional license, get evicted from your apartment, be automatically disqualified for Federal Student Loans and other federal programs and more. Defense attorneys know how grave Federal marijuana laws are and you must have a fierce defense lawyer, because if you are found guilty the penalty is very severe. Mandatory sentencing laws require a minimum of 85% of the sentence be served for serious marijuana offenses.

Marijuana laws are complex and constantly changing so you need an attorney with specialized knowledge in state and federal marijuana laws, including those that outline pro-visionary medical use. LibertyBell Law Group has several of the top defense attorneys in the nation that specialize in marijuana cases at the state and federal level. Our marijuana defense lawyers are always up to date on marijuana laws and recent legislative changes to both state and federal laws, not just in California, but in other states as well. Our lawyers have been expert commenters on talk shows and are highly sought after in big and highly complex federal drug cases because of their impressive track record. LibertyBell Law Group's defense attorneys are also leading advocates of civil rights and medical marijuana use and they seek to win for everyone, from the person that received a marijuana ticket to the full range of individuals facing dire federal penalties.

California Marijuana Tickets

In California, possessing the tiniest bit of pot can subject you to getting a marijuana ticket. A marijuana ticket or conviction of any kind in California may result in losing your professional license and have other disastrous consequences. It may also prevent you from getting a job in the future or being promoted, especially in conservative companies or larger corporations. If you get convicted on possession of marijuana while driving it is very likely you will be arrested for a DUI as well. Also, getting a marijuana ticket will may automatically disqualify from participating in federal programs, and it doesn't matter if it was for medical use or not. Furthermore, prosecutors may attempt to convict you with a felony possession with intent to sell if the police saw scales, cash, and address books, even with the smallest amount of marijuana.

Marijuana Cases must be defended by a Top Defense Attorney Dedicated to Fight for You

Regardless of the level of marijuana offense, you need a criminal attorney that can find fault in the investigation, arrest, paperwork, documentation and other matters of your case. Attorneys from LibertyBell Law Group have achieved successful dismissals and case rejections for many marijuana cases. Our defense attorneys have also successfully appealed many marijuana cases. Our aggressive marijuana defense attorneys know that when it comes to marijuana, whether medical cannabis or not, there are always issues to fight.


California marijuana laws are in constant flux and their federal counterparts are severe. Threats of prosecution by the Los Angeles County District Attorneys and U.S. Attorneys are real. LibertyBell Law Group has assembled a team of the best, most experienced, and aggressive marijuana defense attorneys to represent and fight for your legal rights regarding possession of marijuana, medical marijuana dispensaries and businesses in Los Angeles, California, and all 50 states.

Immediate action by an attorney is a must to insure the best possible defense - even if you have yet to be charged and even if you believe you are in compliance with California law. Our criminal lawyers know, through experience, that many owners and managers of medical marijuana dispensaries are not in compliance with California medical marijuana laws. If you have been questioned or if you have been told an investigator wants to speak with you, it is imperative that you call and speak to our experienced defense attorneys first.

At LibertyBell Law Group, our defense lawyers and cannabis experts work as a TEAM to strategize and implement the best legal defense fitted to your particular needs to achieve the best result possible. Our skilled and experienced criminal attorneys know how to implement techniques on a case by case basis that have proven successful for many individuals facing a full range of charges from extremely serious to misdemeanor offenses. Remember, not only is your business or personal life at risk, but your future is at stake as well.

If you are an owner or manager of a medical marijuana dispensary, or you cultivate, transport or possess marijuana for medical purposes with a physician's recommendation (often referred to as a medical marijuana card or prescription), call LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers NOW to defend and protect your rights!


Under The Compassionate Use Act and The Medical Marijuana Program Act (more commonly referred to as Senate Bill 420), people in California may legally cultivate, transport and possess marijuana for medical purposes when they have a physician's recommendation (often referred to as a medical marijuana card or prescription). However, Federal and California Medical Marijuana laws have not stopped local and federal law enforcement agencies from prosecuting people who are legally allowed to possess marijuana for medical purposes within their state.

California Medical Marijuana laws authorize "qualified patients," "primary care givers" and "collectives and cooperatives" to possess and use marijuana in the amount specified by law, medical marijuana laws do not afford the protected class of people specified above to be free from arrest and criminal prosecution. Even if you are in strict compliance with the California Medical Marijuana laws, you are still subject to arrest and prosecution for transportation, distribution, cultivation, trafficking, sale, and possession of marijuana. Therefore, it is extremely important to have an aggressive and skilled marijuana defense attorney in your corner!

Although medical marijuana is legal in California, federal law still prohibits the transportation, distribution, cultivation, trafficking, sale and possession of marijuana for any purpose. Therefore, even if you strictly comply with California's Medical Marijuana laws, you are still subject to arrest and prosecution by the federal government and U.S. attorneys (prosecutors). Under federal law there are mandatory prison sentence minimums that a judge must follow if you are convicted. LibertyBell Law Group's federal attorneys are experienced and skilled in handling all state and federal drug charges and know how to argue the law under the federal sentencing guidelines. State and federal marijuana cases require skilled and aggressive criminal attorneys who are knowledgeable about state and federal marijuana laws and the often complex and confusing federal sentencing guidelines.


Under California Health & Safety Code �11362.775, qualified patients and primary caregivers may associate "collectively or cooperatively" to cultivate medical marijuana to meet their collective medicinal needs.

A medical marijuana collective or cooperative must strictly adhere to the California Medical Marijuana laws spelled out in The Compassionate Use Act and The Medical Marijuana Program Act as well as the ever changing case law. In order to comply with the requirements of California's Medical Marijuana laws it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced, qualified and aggressive attorney that can advise you how to properly run and operate a collective or cooperative.

Failure to follow proper procedure when operating a medical marijuana dispensary, collective or cooperative could result in your business being shut down and criminal charges being filed against you. If you own or manage a medical marijuana collective or cooperative you could be charged with transportation, distribution, cultivation, sales and possession of marijuana.

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Quick View of California Medical Marijuana Laws:

  • You can face Federal criminal charges because medical marijuana is not legal under federal law.
  • The Los Angeles city attorney and the Los Angeles District attorney have vowed to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries and anyone in possession of marijuana.
  • California Medical Marijuana laws for collectives and cooperatives prohibit operating "for profit."
  • It is estimated that only a small percentage of the medical marijuana dispensaries are operating legally...

Recent Results in All 50 States

How LibertyBell Law Group Can Help You:

  • Fight tirelessly and aggressively to successfully defend you from marijuana drug charges.
  • Comply with state law and local ordinances to minimize your risk of criminal prosecution.
  • Intervene prior to charges being filed to be your advocate during a potential criminal investigation.
  • Aggressively defend you in State or Federal court should charges ever be filed against you.
  • Fight the forfeiture of your business profits and assets should the State attempt to seize them.