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Latest Result:   Deferred judgement given for the first time in this judge's courtroom to both defendants for Drug Possession and Use with Firearm offenses.

Latest Result:   Tennen and Calabria, 2 top attorneys, Wins No Prison ! In a Hung Jury case involving an executive in a very complex and serious sex crimes trial.



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These are some of the hundreds of excellent case results that criminal lawyer, Gina Tennen, has earned for her clients.

We respect the privacy of all of our clients. These results have been published with the permission of the clients involved, and client names have been ommitted from the case descriptions. The following are some of criminal lawyer Tennen's many excellent case results.

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February 2011

attorney for sexual abuse offense
Sexual Abuse of a Minor and Sex Offense in the third degree.
lawyer for sexual abuse of a minor
35 years in prison
top defense lawyer
No Prison! After extensive intervention and negotiations with the prosecution by our top defense lawyers, the Client received a suspended sentence and 3 years supervised probation. The court also waived all fines and costs.
defense attorney for felon
Felony Robbery
lawyer for felony robbery
5 years in prison
top defense lawyer
No Jail! After negotiations with the prosecution our lawyers were able to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor. Client received no jail time and was placed on probation and ordered to do community service.

December 2010

attorney for aggravated robbery
Felony Aggravated Robbery on a pregnant woman in the second degree.
lawyer for felony aggravated robbery second degree
15 years in prison
top defense attorney
Lawyer Gina Tennen and LibertyBell's Local lawyer in Florida, Brandine Powell, negotiated a plea to reduce charges to Felony Battery in the Third Degree. Received 2 years of probation with mandatory domestic violence counseling and parenting classes. Upon the successful completion of counseling classes client will be allowed to petition to terminate probation and there will be no criminal conviction on the clients record.
fraud attorney
Client was being investigated for insurance fraud and making a false report
lawyer for insurance fraud
2 years in prison
top defense attorney
After extensive negotiations with the detective and prosecution, lawyer Gina Tennen and LibertyBell's North Carolina Local lawyer, Lynn Norton, were successful in coming to an agreement whereby client would withdraw the insurance claim and all charges would be dropped.

November 2010

sexual assault defense attorney
Sexual Assault of a Minor
lawyer for sexual assault
10 years in prison
top defense attorney
After extensive investigation by her defense team, lawyer Gina Tennen was able to persuade the detective and prosecutor not to file charges against her client.

October 2010

defense attorney
Client retained LibertyBell Law Group to intervine in a Federal investigation alleging that our client was a part of a RICO conspiracy
lawyer RICO conspiracy
20 years in prison and mandatory forfeiture
top defense attorney
After extensive meetings with the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA), Gina Tennen and LibertyBell Law Group's Local Counsel in Virginia, Susan Parrish, were able to persuade the AUSA that our client was not a key member of the conspiracy and charges were not filed.
sexual assault attorney
Sexual Assault on a Minor
lawyer for sexual assault
20 years in prison
top defense attorney
After aggressively representing and getting in early on this case, lawyer Gina Tennen and LibertyBell's North Carolina lawyer, Dale Morrison were able to prevent charges from being filed. Attorney Tennen and Attorney Morrison also successfully defended their client at a CPS hearing and prevented the State from permanently removing client from his home and having his daughter taken away.

July 2010

drug attorney
Conspiracy to distribute heroin
lawyer drug possession heroin
Life in prison and a 4 million dollar fine.
top defense attorney for drug possession
Lawyer Gina Tennen and LibertyBell's Local lawyer in Virginia, Susan Parrish successfully argued for a downward departure from the federal sentencing guidelines based on mitigating circumstances. Client was only sentenced to 3 years in prison!
attorney for sexual abuse
Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Minor and Abusive Sexual Contact
sexual abuse lawyer
Life in prison
defense attorney sexual abuse
After pretrial motions, the case was dismissed.
Misdemeanor Vandalism
misdemeanor lawyer for vandalism
6 months in jail
top defense attorney
Case Dismissed!

June 2010

felony possession of marijuana attorney
Felony possession of marijuana and absconding
felony drug possession lawyer
10 years in prison
drug defense attorney
No prison! After failing to appear at his scheduled court date, client was pulled over and taken into custody. Managing attorney, Gina Tennen and LibertyBell Law Group's Local Counsel in Oklahoma were able to negotiate a plea that required no incarceration. Client was released on 1 year unsupervised probation.
child pornography attoeny
Possession of Child Pornography
lawyer for child pornography offense
20 years in federal prison
child pornography defense attorney
Attorney, Gina Tennen and LibertyBell Law Group's local lawyer, Gina Simone successfully negotiated a plea bargin for our client that resulted in a major reduction in his sentence. Client only to serve 4 years.
sexual assault attorney
Sexual Assault on a Minor
sexual assault lawyer
Life in prison
defense attorney for sexual assault
No prison! Attorney Gina Tennen and LibertyBell Law Group's Colorado Local Counsel, Matt Martin were successful in presenting mitigating evidence and the client only received 2 year of probation.

April 2010

sexual assault attorney
Prefile Allegations of Sexual Assault
sexual assault lawyer
30 Years in prison
top defense attorney for sexual assault
Attorney Gina Tennen and local lawyer Jeff DeGree were able to prevent charges from being filed by intervening early in the case and establishing that the alleged victim was making false accusations.

March 2010

aggravated sexual assault
Aggressive Sexual Assault of a Child (under the age of 6)
lawyer for sexual assault
25 years in prison
defense lawyer for sexual assault
No Prison! No sex offender registration! Managing attorney Gina Tennen and LibertyBell's local counsel in Texas, Matt Horak, successfully negotiated a plea agreement where the client plead to second degree reckless injury to a child and only received 10 years deferred adjudication probation and no sex offender registration.

February 2010

drug possession marijuana attorney
Client was charged possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
drug possession lawyer
2 years in prison.
defense lawyer for drug possession of marijuana
After LibertyBell Law Group's investigation and subsequent conversations with the prosecution, Lawyer Tennen and LibertyBell Law Group's Kansas Attorney, Barbara Cusick, got a full dismissal of all charges!
burglary and assault attorney
Burglary of a Habitation, Assault with bodily injury with family violence enhancement and Criminal trespass
lawyer for burglary and assault
20 years in prison.
top defense lawyer for assault and burglary
Lawyer Tennen and LibertyBell Law Group's Texas attorney, Jason Trumpler, were able to get the burglary charge dismissed. Client pled to one misdemeanor count of assault and only served 9 days of jail time on weekends. Client was placed on probation for 1 year and required to attend anger management classes.

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