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Latest Result:   DRUG & FIREARMS CASE DISMISSED for four individuals charged on sales and cultivation of methamphetamine and marijuana, and firearms.

Latest Result:   52 Counts Securities Fraud of over 2 million dollars involving 30 persons; defendant faced 30 years to life in prison and will serve 4 years in fire camp.

Latest Result:   Deferred judgement given for the first time in this judge's courtroom to both defendants for Drug Possession and Use with Firearm offenses.

Latest Result:   Tennen and Calabria, 2 top attorneys, Wins No Prison ! In a Hung Jury case involving an executive in a very complex and serious sex crimes trial.



Gina Tennen in
Time Magazine
's 2013
"100 Most Influential People" edition in the section titled
"Leaders of Criminal Defense."

Criminal Lawyers in Time Magazine

criminal defense attorney

Gina Tennen
Executive Managing Attorney,
Top Defense Lawyer

Focus: Serious Sex and Drug Cases, Fraud, and All Defense
State and Federal

criminal attorney

Donald J. Calabria
Death Penalty Panel Attorney
Attorney, Of Counsel


Defense Attorney Jennifer Wirsching defends defendant in fraud case

On ABS-CBN News, our top defense attorney, stands strongly and speaks for our client, who is accused of fraud.

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Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers Across the U.S.

If you have been accused of a crime, you are facing a legal battle that will forever change the course of your life.

You are up against a prosecution team backed by the resources of the government with a single purpose -- to get you convicted.

Without a team of defense lawyers fighting for you, you are in an unfair fight. You should act fast and act decisively.

Don't wait to take action -- it may save your life!

Are You Under Investigation? If law enforcement has contacted you regarding a crime, get a criminal lawyer now to prevent criminal charges from being filed.

Why Choose Our Criminal Lawyers?

LibertyBell Law Group consists of a group of experienced, aggressive criminal lawyers who have a strong commitment to defending your rights. Our criminal lawyers are well respected by many attorneys, judges, justice advocates, and prosecutors for their tenacity, reputation, court room deliberation and results. We have had numerous case victories for many of the most challenging cases and against some of the toughest prosecutors in the U.S., including the first landmark case that resulted in the first overturn of the death penalty.

Any criminal record can impact your life, which is why our defense lawyers work tenaciously on every case. At LibertyBell Law Group, you're not just a case file; our attorneys take personal care with each of our clients to ensure open and upfront communication. Our criminal lawyers serve you based on your individual and unique needs.

At LibertyBell Law Group, you get an entire team of dedicated criminal trial lawyers, investigators, strategists & negotiators all working to keep you out of jail.LibertyBell Law's defense team identifies weaknesses in the prosecution's case and creates winning strategies for your defense in an effort to either get your case dismissed or reduce charges so you won't have to do any hard time.

Our Defense Lawyers work tirelessly and aggressively to prove your innocence.

Our Defense Lawyers Start Working on Your Criminal Case Immediately, The Same Day You Retain Us.

Every day that goes by the prosecution is working behind the scenes building a stronger case, which is why you need aggressive criminal lawyers to defend your rights and work towards your defense immediately and before the case reaches the courtroom.

Our defense lawyers know how to:

  • Immediately demand your entire case to be turned over to our attorneys.
  • Conduct our own private investigation for your benefit and an advantageous result.
  • Interview witnesses, victims, and police to identify the facts.
  • Dissect and assemble evidence to establish a winning defense.

Most people facing criminal charges do not have the ability to mount an adequate defense and frequently suffer life-altering consequences. Our criminal defense law firm, complete with some of the most aggressive criminal lawyers in the nation, was created to solve this problem. Our law firm's business model makes a powerful criminal defense team available to all those accused of criminal charges in a large number of states and federal courts.

Our Criminal Lawyers Tip the Balance in Your Favor

We all know you are supposed to be "presumed innocent until proven guilty." Unfortunately, the reality is, our criminal justice system puts the accused at a serious disadvantage. Juries are often inclined to presume guilt, and prosecutors have the benefit of your tax dollars to build and present a strong case against you. In fact, the prosecution's case has started before you even have an opportunity to start your defense.

LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyers give you the advantage. Unlike a sole practitioner, our law firm has the manpower to pursue defense strategies effectively and be responsive to our clients. Our results speak for themselves.


As a client, you can now draw on the combined talents and resources of a large defense law firm with one goal -- getting the best possible result for your case.

Call 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761) now for a free consultation with one of our aggressive criminal lawyers. Early intervention is the key to our mutual success.

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American Bar Association
New York State Bar Association
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Womens Lawyers Association of Los Angeles
New York County Lawyers Association
State Bar of California

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