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Child Enticement Lawyers, Attorneys for Child Solicitation

Child Enticement / Solicitation

Because of attorney related shows and the sting operations portrayed on television, many are familiar with this offense. The laws for Child enticement, child solicitation, or luring of a child differ by state, but generally all are defined as enticing of a child or minor for sexual activity. In some states, child enticement, luring, or solicitation statutes also include enticing a child for other reasons, such as providing a child with drugs, alcohol or exposing a child to pornography.

Many times, the luring of a child or minor occurs over the internet or by electronic communication. Generally, child enticement or solicitation is the attempt to entice, provoke, tempt or lure a child into the commission of a sexual act or other crime. Lawyers know the internet is often used as a method of trapping or setting up potential predators.

When charged with child enticement, luring of a child, or child solicitation, just being accused can have a devastating effect on your life, including serious harm to your reputation, career, and relationships. If convicted, you may get lifetime sex offender registration, hefty fines, and mandatory prison time.

In most states, if the victim is less than 14 years old, it is a felony and carries severe fines and penalties. Attorneys knwo that even if you don't necessarily meet with a minor to have sex, but you have described sex in an online chat room and meet for coffee you may be convicted. If you were known by the victim by way of a supervisory relationship, such as a clergy, teacher, coach, or relative, you will have greater incriminating risks in the court room and sentencing and need the best lawyers to represent you.

Prosecuting attorneys are extremely zealous in seeking convictions for child enticement, solicitation, and crimes against children and minors. Further complicating the matter is that children do make false accusations or may exaggerate or lie about the circumstances. However, prosecutors are not trying to seek the "truth." Their primary goal is to show you are guilty and will do anything to color information and use any and all legal means to accomplish their goal, even if it means "spinning" the child's testimony. A record stained with child molestation, luring of a child, or child solicitation can plague you for the rest of your life, and a guilty verdic can occur even when the only evidence is the child's word.


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Top Lawyers for Child Enticement Cases

More often than not, child enticement or luring occurs over the internet. Lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group are experts with Child Enticement charges, cases, internet, and computer technologies. You need LibertyBell Law's highly skilled sex and internet crime lawyers because:

  • Child Enticement, Solicitation, and Luring laws and the means by which this crime occurs are extremely complex.
  • Our lawyers' experience, reputation and winning case results have earned the respect of other attorneys, judges, and prosecutors, which gives us greater credibility and leverage in plea bargaining and deliberating in court.
  • We perform our own investigation to uncover violations of your constitutional rights and procedural errors, and find weakness in the prosecutor's case against you.
  • Immediate mitigation investigation should be started immediately because of the severity of the penalty.
  • Our lawyers start working on your case immediately, including gathering background information, securing medical records, or using mental health experts to identify character witnesses or defenses.
  • Our lawyers' superior expertise in evaluating surveillance videos and technological records, witness reports and in interviewing witness, victim and police.

Defense for Child Enticement / Solicitation!

Child enticement trials are based very much on "intent." Anyone suspected of intent, not only to commit a sexual act with a child but also to disseminate harmful material, commit assault or battery or otherwise lure a child into a harmful or dangerous situation can be accused of child enticement or solicitation. In fact, attorneys know that even merely persuading a child to enter a car or building or not to leave a building can be construed as child enticement or luring.

Child Enticement, Luring, Solicitation, and Internet Pornography are aggressively prosecuted by state and federal courts, with severe sentencing penalties.

Defense strategies, used by our criminal lawyers, commonly center on the area of intent. If no actual harmful act has been committed or even attempted, it is often possible for top attorneys to effectively defend against these cases if LibertyBell Law Group attorneys are brought in early.

Our lawyers' child solicitatioin, luring and enticement defense is different from other criminal law areas, requiring very specific expertise, techniques and experience. Our child enticement attorneys often employ psychologists, computer forensic examiners, private investigators with the expertise to use advanced techniques and technological tools in the most effective manner.

LibertyBell Law Group has criminal defense attorneys who have a track record of generating great results from crime cases involving child enticement or luring of a child.

Our attorneys were irritated with the fact that people's lives suffer forever because they cannot mount the best defense. Our lawyers united together to level the playing field. We handpicked only the best trial attorneys in the nation, including the foremost experts in internet and child enticement, luring, and solicitation defense. Our lawyers are extensively experienced in sensitive and highly challenging child enticement, solicitation and luring cases with amazing successful pleas and wins.

We provide our legal veteran attorneys with all the resources they need to get you the best possible results. We have made this powerful legal defense force available and affordable by way of the relationships built over many years with our partners.

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You can now gain the united talents and resources of a huge number of lawyers with one goal -- getting the best ending for your case. Our internet and child enticement attorneys stand ready to defend you inside and outside of court.

Call us now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761) for a free consultation with one of our criminal lawyers. Early intervention is the key to our mutual success.

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