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Latest Result:   DRUG & FIREARMS CASE DISMISSED for four individuals charged on sales and cultivation of methamphetamine and marijuana, and firearms.

Latest Result:   52 Counts Securities Fraud of over 2 million dollars involving 30 persons; defendant faced 30 years to life in prison and will serve 4 years in fire camp.

Latest Result:   Deferred judgement given for the first time in this judge's courtroom to both defendants for Drug Possession and Use with Firearm offenses.




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Criminal Defense Lawyers

Lina Helou
Director of Client Affairs

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criminal defense attorney

Gina Tennen
Executive Managing Attorney,
Top Defense Lawyer
Focus: Serious Sex and Drug Cases, Fraud, and White Collar.
State and Federal

criminal attorney

Donald Calabria
Certified Criminal Law Specialist
Lead Senior Attorney of Counsel
Focus: Fraud, White Collar, Drug and all defense cases

criminal lawyer

Richard F. Taub
Senior Supervising Attorney
Focus: Fraud, White Collar, Corporate, Internet crimes, DUI/DWI and more

white collar criminal lawyer Vincent Russo

Vincent Russo
Senior Supervising Attorney
Focus: White Collar, Corporate, Compliance, Business Litigation


Gina Tennen in
Time Magazine
's 2013
"100 Most Influential People" edition in the section titled
"Leaders of Criminal Defense."

Criminal Lawyers in Time Magazine
Criminal Attorney Carrie Jourdan

Attorney C. Jourdan on 60 Minutes for her landmark case resulting in the first overturn of a Death Penalty in Mississippi because of DNA evidence.

Defense Attorney Jennifer Wirsching defends defendant in fraud case

On ABS-CBN News, Jennifer Wirsching, a top defense attorney, stands strongly and speaks for our client, who is accused of fraud.

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LibertyBell Law Group Community Leadership by our Defense Lawyers

Our Defense Lawyers Know Giving Back is the Greatest Thing We Can Do

LibertyBell Law Group's defense lawyers know how important it is to give back to the community, but they also do it because, quite simply, it makes them feel good. Our defense lawyers are generous in their support in community outreach programs and charitable organizations, because they know a generous spirit contributes to the overall betterment of society at whole.

"It is incredibly satisfying to serve others and lift up the community in meaningful ways," says top defense lawyer, Gina Tennen.

Our defense lawyers are also actively involved in serving on boards and leadership positions of various professional and civic organizations in order to facilitate and contribute to positive change. LibertyBell Law Group has a strong established commitment to community service.

Here is a small sampling of our community leadership efforts:

  • Samoshel Emergency and Transitional Housing.
  • 12-Step Meetings.
  • Hot Meals for the Homeless.

LibertyBell Law Group's defense attorneys are honored for their outstanding achievements, commitment to equal justice, and dedication to nurturing community health.

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