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Early Release for Federal Prisoners

A new 2014 law allows all federal prisoners convicted of drug offenses to apply for an early release from prison. The new law, called Amendment 782 also known as "Drugs Minus Two," will make over 46,000 federal inmates eligible for an early release by way of a sentence reduction. However, each inmate must be evaluated by a judge to determine if the prisoner should be released early. In order for a judge to consider if a prisoner should have his/her sentence reduced, legal documents must be written, organized and filed in an appropriate manner expected by the courts.

Approvals for early release from prison will not happen to everyone or automatically, the judge must be persuaded to give a retroactive sentence reduction.

If you know someone in prison who may qualify for early release or another type of post-conviction relief, type in the details of your legal matter in the form located on the lower right and our top attorneys will comb over it and review it.

Amendment 782 - "Drugs Minus Two"

Amendment 782 reduces federal drug sentencing guidelines and will be effective on November 1, 2014. To those granted retroactively, federal drug trafficking and other controlled substance offenders will have an average sentence reduction of 25 months, or 19%.

No prisoners will be released early until November 1, 2015, though the judge can grant a sentence reduction before that day. The purpose of the year-long delay is two-fold. The first is to allow for the time necessary for lawyers to file the legal documents for the prisoners and present their case to the judge. The second reason is to put in effect transitional services provided for federal inmates approved for early release increasing successful reentry into society.

If a prosecutor objects to a prisoner’s sentence reduction, you need an aggressive and experienced top lawyer to argue on behalf of the inmate to win over the judge. LibertyBell Law Group’s federal and criminal attorneys are well-known as being top performers in court by their peers and by judges. The lawyers have a very high success rate at winning cases and getting the best results and have been featured in Newsweek and Time Magazine.

If you are a prisoner convicted of a federal drug offense or know someone who is, find out what needs to be done to get an early release from prison and speak to an attorney now and call 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).

Factors Considered for Early Release of a Prisoner

There are many factors a judge will consider when evaluating federal prisoners for a sentence reduction. The case itself is an obvious factor, but legislators have made it clear it is not the only factor. The criminal history, conduct in prison and more are aspects judges will be combing over carefully in determining whether or not an inmate’s sentence should be reduced.

Lawyers know that applying for an early release from prison for a federal drug sentencing conviction is not cut and dry or easy. It is akin to re-arguing a case over...

As in any court matter, the best lawyers having the most experience and extensive resources to present a federal prisoner in the best light will be the most convincing to a judge and have success in getting approvals for “Drugs Minus Two.” LibertyBell Law Group’s lawyers have all encompassing experience in federal drug trafficking, federal defense, and have had great results in post-conviction relief.

Lawyers know that applying for an early release from prison for a federal drug sentencing conviction is not cut and dry or easy. It is akin to re-arguing a case over and showing other aspects of the prisoner’s life to prove to the judge that retroactive sentencing should be applied to that federal inmate.

Applying for Early Release of a Federal Inmate

Since there are thousands of federal inmates applying for an early release, it is important for a prisoner to hire a lawyer with expertise in federal courts, drug trafficking, and post-conviction relief to make the best case and file as quickly as possible. Otherwise, who knows when a federal inmate will be considered if there are, for instance, 10,000 other prisoners who filed for an Amendment 782 sentence reduction beforehand. Know that judges will be evaluating “Drugs Minus Two” cases on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A federal inmate will want to hire a lawyer to investigate his case, conduct in prison, and other life circumstances to find evidence in developing a narrative that compels the judge to grant an early release. Ideally, you should hire a lawyer as early as possible as it takes expertise, hard work, and time to prepare and file a prisoner’s legal documents on November 1, 2014, which is the first day any lawyer is allowed to file legal documents to be considered for Amendment 782 retroactively.

Which prisoners serving federal drug sentences are eligible?

It is best to have a criminal lawyer evaluate a prisoner’s case and other relevant legal records to see if the federal inmate meets the minimum qualifications of “Drugs Minus Two.” LibertyBell Law Group’s criminal lawyers are conducting evaluations and if an inmate meets the minimum criteria then proceeding in court is the next step.

There are always exceptions to the rules, and the best lawyers know how to argue creatively and present evidence that sways the judge in favor of an early release for the prisoner.

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