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Federal Defense of Tax Fraud and Evasion

Whether you are just being audited, investigated, or charged, it is imperative you have a lawyer experienced in federal tax fraud and tax evasion protect you. It is important to note that all criminal investigations are subsequent to an audit. Furthermore, anything you say, do or hand over to the IRS during a tax audit can be used as evidence in criminal prosecution. A lawyer will do everything in their power in attempting to prevent IRS agents from turning the case over to the Department of Justice and if necessary persuade the U.S. attorney to drop the case.

Most criminal tax cases filed are felonies and if convicted require time in prison.

Federal prosecutors will usually only file a criminal tax case if s/he thinks they have a good chance of imprisoning the defendant. There is no doubt; you need fierce and technically savvy lawyers for federal defense when being investigated or accused of a tax crime.

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Hiring a Lawyer for Federal Defense of a Tax Investigation

Many taxpayers wrongfully believe they can represent themselves during an audit or criminal investigation. Most often they do not know how to answer questions or inquiries appropriately and end up strengthening the prosecutor’s case against them. These individuals get themselves in very difficult circumstances and end up hiring a lawyer later because they are faced with serious federal criminal charges.

It cannot be stressed enough how much you need a lawyer to represent you in defense of a federal tax investigation as early as possible. Sometimes a witness is contacted or a bank turns over records and either may tell the taxpayer who then finds out indirectly about the criminal investigation. Most of the time, a taxpayer does not even know there is a criminal investigation until s/he finds out by the government’s investigative tactics. This puts the IRS and federal agencies at a very significant advantage by the mere fact that you are unaware of a criminal investigation and can easily make mistakes, which is then entered as evidence during the federal trial.

As soon as you suspect or find out you are being audited (or investigated) that is precisely when you should hire an attorney.

When and how to answer questions and inquiries from the IRS and Federal Criminal Investigations agents, is best counseled by an experienced lawyer. If you have even the smallest suspicion that you may be investigated for other criminal charges such as money laundering and other crimes, you need top attorneys with experience in these other crimes as well, such as the lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group.

Top attorneys from LibertyBell Law Group are well known and respected for their case wins and best results by peers, judges, past clients and those working in the legal system. Complex cases need the best federal defense by the top lawyers in the US.

Our attorneys defend these federal tax fraud, evasion and co-occurring crimes:

A criminal conviction involving a tax deficiency of over $10,000 is considered a crime of moral turpitude. Most licensing boards view crimes of moral turpitude in a negative light and you may have your license revoked forever. Having the best criminal lawyers in federal defense can prevent you from permanently losing your license, all professional job opportunities, and having your life detrimentally altered.

Federal Penalties for Tax Fraud and Evasion Crimes

Note that co-occurring charges can significantly increase the penalties below.

  • Up to 5 years imprisonment
  • Restitution
  • Criminal fines of up to $500,000 plus the costs of prosecution for each separate tax crime
  • Civil fraud penalty is 75% of tax owed plus interest

A civil fraud penalty is not prevented by the acquittal of a criminal case, but both must be fought vigorously by lawyers. Of course, it is best to hire the same lawyers to represent you in both, civil and criminal, investigations and proceedings for a solid and total defense. If you hire different lawyers for each, the defenses may contradict each other, leave holes and actually aid federal authorities.

How Lawyers Work in Federal Defense of Taxes

The best lawyers work on a team with other attorneys and experts to pool their expertise and experience in fact development and strategic maneuvers. Know that the IRS and Department of Justice will also have a team investigating every aspect, witness, and document in building their case against you. They have also stepped up their enforcement and prosecution of tax crimes and are vigorously pursuing civil and criminal action simultaneously.

When the government is investigating, which is essentially when a person is being audited or referred for criminal prosecution, it is not possible for a taxpayer to prevent information gained on the civil aspect to be used in a criminal case. This is another reason why you need a lawyer immediately.

Our lawyers know the discovery rules for both civil and criminal tax investigations and cases. Many times, federal agents will label the investigation as civil or criminal depending on which discovery rules are to their advantage and when.

Federal agents may use tactics involving deceit, trickery and even impersonation to get information and evidence in building their case and the courts have upheld these practices. Top lawyers know that evidence gathered is admissible as long as statements are made voluntarily. The best lawyers can protect you by proving conduct did not consist of the proper administration of justice.

LibertyBell Law Group Lawyers experienced in federal tax defense know the elements of fraud that must be disproved are the same for both the civil section 6653-1 and criminal section 7201. Both civil and criminal penalties are judicially encouraged and pursued. Lawyers are needed in defense of both the criminal and civil sanctions of tax crimes as the burdens of proof are different and thus require different strategies based on the same facts. LibertyBell Law Group lawyers are experienced in both criminal and civil defense, which is absolutely essential in tax investigations and trials.

Federal Defense of tax evasion and fraud requires lawyers to refute these 3 elements:

  • Additional tax due and owing; underpayment of taxes
  • Attempt to evade or defeat taxes
  • Willfulness; actual, intentional wrongdoing

It is the definitive policy of the IRS to give paramount importance to criminal investigation and prosecution of tax fraud over the civil case. In other words, the IRS vehemently seeks to imprison you if they feel you are guilty of tax fraud or evasion.

LibertyBell Law Group lawyers work hard to halt criminal investigations, prevent criminal charges from being filed, and are top trial lawyers in the event that a federal criminal case is filed. Our attorneys know how to handle federal investigators and agents and provide you with effective representation.

Tax Fraud and Evasion Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for criminal tax fraud is 6 years; however, the courts have accepted particular circumstances to extend the statute of limitations. There is no statute of limitations on civil tax fraud and a penalty can be determined even after the taxpayer has died, that is, against the estate.

Are you being audited or investigated for tax fraud?

If you are being audited or investigated, call our lawyers now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761). Our attorneys can take immediate action to protect you and your assets.

Even if you suspect you may be investigated in the future because evidence exists somewhere, such as in foreign bank records, it is imperative you call our lawyers. Our lawyers can guarantee protection and non-filing of a criminal case through the Voluntary Disclosure Program, but only if it is known for certain the IRS has not begun an investigation. LibertyBell Law Group lawyers can counsel you on whether this is in fact a program you should participate in and how to participate in the Voluntary Disclosure Program.

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