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Latest Result:   DRUG & FIREARMS CASE DISMISSED for four individuals charged on sales and cultivation of methamphetamine and marijuana, and firearms.

Latest Result:   52 Counts Securities Fraud of over 2 million dollars involving 30 persons; defendant faced 30 years to life in prison and will serve 4 years in fire camp.

Latest Result:   Deferred judgement given for the first time in this judge's courtroom to both defendants for Drug Possession and Use with Firearm offenses.

Latest Result:   Tennen and Calabria, 2 top attorneys, Wins No Prison ! In a Hung Jury case involving an executive in a very complex and serious sex crimes trial.



Gina Tennen in
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Lina Helou
Director of Client Affairs

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Gina Tennen
Executive Managing Attorney,
Top Defense Lawyer

Focus: Serious Sex and Drug Cases, Fraud, and All Defense
State and Federal

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D. Calabria
Death Penalty Panel Attorney
Lead Senior Attorney of Counsel
Civil Department, Kim Anglin

Kim Anglin
California Civil Department
Focus: Civil Litigation, Products Liability Law and Personal Injury


Criminal Attorney

Our Attorney on 60 Minutes for her landmark case resulting in the first overturn of a Death Penalty in Mississippi because of DNA evidence.

Defense Attorney Jennifer Wirsching defends defendant in fraud case

On ABS-CBN News, our top defense attorney, stands strongly and speaks for our client, who is accused of fraud.

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We pride ourselves in offering the best criminal attorneys and expert law talent. Our top-rated lawyers are of the most highly sought after in the nation. The commitment to top quality starts with our management who stay actively involved in all of the lawyers' cases and are personally available to each of our valued clients.

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Selecting a criminal lawyer is the most important decision you will make in your case. Collectively, our defense attorneys have hundreds of years of experience with unparalleled case results. On this page is a sample of our recognized legal defense team of lawyers.

J. Culotta, Esq.

Jennifer Culotta Criminal Lawyer

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

Criminal attorney, Ms. Culotta, successfully defended a man who had been falsely accused of Rape. The man was accused of date rape. The prosecutor wanted him to serve over ten years and be subject to a lifetime requirement of registry as a Sex Offender. His previous lawyer spent several years, (over four years), trying to convince the man to plead guilty and avoid trial. Our Criminal Lawyer, Ms. Culotta, was hired, thoroughly investigated the case, and retained the best experts to assist in the defense. Our lawyer knew pleading guilty was not the best solution, nor was a plea bargain. She tried the case to a jury, and secured a Not Guilty verdict in less than 30 minutes.

B. Stephenson, Esq.

Bryan Stephenson Criminal Attorney

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

Criminal Attorney Stephenson is a highly skilled attorney, professor, and family man. Lawyer Stephenson has conducted hundreds of court proceedings, including hearings, trials (both jury and bench), and various motions and appeals. He is very familiar with "the system", and knows how to provide the best defense. Criminal lawyer Stephenson's legal skills and knowledge are also put to use in his position as adjunct professor for Lipscomb University's Law, Justice, and Society program.

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K. Young, Esq.

Kenny Young Criminal Lawyer

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

Criminal attorney Young represented a client charged with indecent assault, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person. Defendant was facing 13 years of imprisonment. Our Criminal Lawyer Young took the case to trial and was able to recieve the best case outcome, as the client was found NOT GUILTY.

C. DiEdoardo, Esq.

Lawyer DiEdoardo

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

Top lawyer DiEdoardo is a fierce defense force well known and respected by peers and judges across the nation. DiEdoardo is uncommonly licensed in seven state and federal courts, including Courts of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. Prior to becoming a lawyer she was an award-winning reporter for popular and reputable newspapers. Aside from her successful career as one of the best attorneys, DiEdoardo is also writing a book about the secrets and conspiracies of the Mafia in San Francisco, California, occurring from 1920 until the last decade. Lawyer DiEdoardo is most recognized for her winnings in the most difficult cases.

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M. Satawa, Esq.

Lawyer Mark Satawa

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

Satawa is an experienced defense attorney who specializes in representing adults in the full range of felony and misdemeanor charges. A former Assistant Prosecutor and an Assistant Attorney General, he is "AV" rated by Martindale Hubbell. As one of our best criminal trial lawyers, his experience consists of hundreds of felony jury trials, including 50 capital trials and 30 murder trials.

B. Rich, Esq.

criminal lawyer Rich

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

Defense Lawyer Rich is over twenty years experienced in criminal law and is also a dynamic and skilled top trial lawyer. Lawyer Rich has also wowed clients with his legal prowess in doing Expungements and legal representation for disorderly conduct, DWI, DUI, drug possession and other drug crimes. He also served as a prosecuting attorney giving him unequivocal insight of cases inside out. Lawyer Rich has been a guest lecturer at lawyer Bar Seminars and is known by his peers as a maven. Lawyer Rich has expertly defended clients with a full range of offenses with great success.

M. Greenberg, Esq.

crimnal Attorney Mitch Greenberg

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

A graduate of Washington University, Greenberg is licensed to practice law in several states and federal courts, and the United States Supreme Court.

With experience gleaned from trying cases for a State's Attorney's Office, criminal lawyer Greenberg has represented clients in several high-profile homicide cases and has obtained excellent results in all of them. Criminal Lawyer Greenberg has handled eleven first-degree murder cases to date and has won every trial. His most recent victory was a hung-jury in the first trial, the jury in the second trial deliberated for barely an hour before finding the client not guilty of first degree murder.

In cases where his clients prefer to negotiate a plea rather than going to trial, criminal lawyer Greenberg has an excellent record of keeping his clients out of jail. In most situations, this is best accomplished by anticipating what the judge will want to see and then helping his clients arrange to get it done. In appropriate cases, to prepare for sentencing, Greenbergh helps his clients obtain evaluations and/or treatment for mental health or addiction issues.

Criminal lawyer Greenberg has also taught graduate-level classes in criminal law and justice, and enjoys helping people understand the system.

  • American Bar Association.
  • American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA) Maryland Association for Justice: Board of Governors, Chair of Workers' Compensation Section, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Trial Reporter. and Chair of Membership and Young Lawyers Committees.

L. Norton, Esq.

Criminal lawyer Lynn Norton

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

Criminal lawyer Norton graduated from the University of California, Davis, School of Law and was admitted to several state bars. For over 18 years, Norton gained extensive trial experience as a criminal lawyer in Los Angeles, California, successfully litigating and winning hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases, including DWI / DUI, juvenile law, capital homicide cases and more. Later she served as the former assistant District Attorney; Norton successfully prosecuted countless misdemeanor and felony cases. Criminal lawyer Norton specializes in devising defense tactics to win cases and also knows how to best successfully represent defendants in appeals.

J. Lobosco, Esq.

Criminal Lawyer Joe Lobosco

Senior Attorney, Of Counsel.

Criminal attorney Lobosco graduated from St. John's University School of Law in 1989 and became admitted as a lawyer in 1990. He then went on to join the District Attorney's office where he served as a prosecuting attorney for 15 years. Criminal attorney Lobosco has successfully handled numerous felony cases. As a criminal lawyer, he has worked with hundreds of defendants and has been in numerous court trials including those involving drugs, violence, white collar crimes, enterprise corruption and much more. Lobosco has written and successfully litigated indictments, eavesdropping, search warrants and more. Lobosco also has much experience with organized crime including gambling, loan-sharking, drug trafficking, and car theft rings. Criminal attorney Lobosco knows exactly how prosecutors and internal investigations and operations from the opposing side operate. Having the other side's game book, Lobosco is a mastermind at investigations, building the best solid defense and winning cases.

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