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Latest Result:   DRUG & FIREARMS CASE DISMISSED for four individuals charged on sales and cultivation of methamphetamine and marijuana, and firearms.

Latest Result:   52 Counts Securities Fraud of over 2 million dollars involving 30 persons; defendant faced 30 years to life in prison and will serve 4 years in fire camp.

Latest Result:   Deferred judgement given for the first time in this judge's courtroom to both defendants for Drug Possession and Use with Firearm offenses.

Latest Result:   Tennen and Calabria, 2 top attorneys, Wins No Prison ! In a Hung Jury case involving an executive in a very complex and serious sex crimes trial.



Gina Tennen in
Time Magazine
's 2013
"100 Most Influential People" edition in the section titled
"Leaders of Criminal Defense."

Criminal Lawyers in Time Magazine

criminal defense attorney

Gina Tennen
Executive Managing Attorney,
Top Defense Lawyer

Focus: Serious Sex and Drug Cases, Fraud, and All Defense
State and Federal

criminal attorney

Donald J. Calabria
Death Penalty Panel Attorney
Attorney, Of Counsel


Defense Attorney Jennifer Wirsching defends defendant in fraud case

On ABS-CBN News, our top defense attorney, stands strongly and speaks for our client, who is accused of fraud.

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LibertyBell Law Group

At LibertyBell Law Group, a defense law firm, we are focused on one goal -- getting excellent case results. Our business model and business decisions revolve around assembling your best defense, composed of the top criminal lawyers, experts, and ingenious strategies.

Our law firm's philosophy:

  • Apply our best time tested defense legal strategies
  • Support our defense attorneys with the best resources available
  • Fight aggressively and relentlessly for your rights

Attorneys, strategy, resources and aggressiveness are what make the best defense. These are the key ingredients to our legal model producing the best case results. Our economy of scale lets us provide our clients with the finest defense at a cost that makes it affordable to clients who otherwise could not hire such a high-powered defense team of lawyers.

Our Story

Uniting Best Local Defense & Expertise

There are many occasions when a local lawyer, even if he or she is highly skilled, may not be the best person for your case. Certain types of crimes, such as fraud, sexual offenses and particularly serious crimes, are political "hot potatoes." Many criminal lawyers will not fight these offenses as aggressively as possible out of concern for their reputation in the community. Outside of the major cities, we often see a "good old boys" network in which the separation between defense lawyers and prosecution is blurry at best.

Local politics are of no concern to us. If this is a problem in your jurisdiction, we can fly in an attorney whose only concern is getting you the best possible result, regardless of local community politics. We typically pair this attorney with a local attorney who is familiar with your local court, judges and procedures. Your best criminal attorneys are waiting to speak with you. Speak directly with one of our top criminal lawyers and get a free case evaluation. Call 855-529-7761 now.

How Our Criminal Lawyers Work

LibertyBell Law Group is a full service criminal defense firm, offering the best criminal attorneys and legal assistance in all areas of criminal law. Our criminal lawyers will be by your side through all stages of the criminal process in state and federal courts.

Full Circle Defense

Our criminal lawyers represent you through the entirety of your case. This is important for clients who are already facing formal criminal charges, which is quite often the case when clients or family members contact us. Rest assured that LibertyBell Law Group's criminal attorneys can handle every aspect of your case through our experienced team approach to defense.

We charge a stated flat fee for our criminal defense services. This lets you know exactly how much your representation will cost. With us, rather than hiring a single or sole criminal lawyer, you receive the benefit of the collective experience of our team of seasoned defense attorneys.

When you hire our criminal law firm to represent you or your loved one through trial, if necessary, no matter how long your trial may be, you will not pay additional legal fees. Our length of experience permits us to quote fees up front and protects you against the common practice of attorneys billing clients large unexpected fees.

Pre-File Defense

If you believe that you may be under investigation or if you in fact have been contacted by law enforcement, but no criminal charges have been filed, it is imperative that you contact a criminal lawyer immediately to inquire about legal representation.

This first step could be the key to preventing charges from being filed. Our criminal lawyers have an above average success rate, one of the best in the nation, of preventing a criminal case from being file. If later on charges are filed, then it is extremely helpful to have your team of criminal lawyers in place, ready to defend your rights under the law.

We offer Pre-file legal Services at a stated flat fee. This fee is substantially lower than what it would cost to represent you during your entire case if charges were to be filed. Our criminal defense law firm provides this service to you so that people can have the advantage of representation at this crucial stage, thus making legal representation more accessible when likely needed most.

Post-Conviction Relief

Our criminal lawyers are also successful in post-conviction relief. When convicted of a crime, it is imperative that every possible post-conviction option be considered. Whether through an appeal, a collateral attack, or petition of "actual innocence," many convictions should be reviewed by an appellate court. This can result in the conviction being overturned or the sentence being reduced. At LibertyBell law firm we have a team of determined criminal attorneys who focus on Post-Conviction work.

If you are uncertain as to possible post-conviction remedies, LibertyBell criminal attorneys can evaluate your matter by looking at case documents, such as transcripts, discovery, motions, etc. Our experienced appellate counsel will advise you of your post-conviction options and help you decide whether it would be prudent for you to move forward.

As our criminal lawyers only conduct an evaluation during this option, we do not charge a full fee as if we were completing a post-conviction attack. As part the evaluation process we will review the sentence imposed to see if there are any grounds to challenge the sentence. Only if you decide you wish to continue and file post-conviction pleadings do we charge additional fees and those fees are quoted up front with a fee stated in advance. By using this approach, we can present you with your legal options and make recommendations without charging large fees for future potential work.

Remember there are several different Post Conviction remedies and it takes an experienced criminal lawyer to know how to best apply the ever-changing laws in this very specialized area.

At LibertyBell, a leading national defense law firm, you get the most aggressive and experienced criminal attorneys with straightforward transparent fees.

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