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Latest Result:   52 Counts Securities Fraud of over 2 million dollars involving 30 persons; defendant faced 30 years to life in prison and will serve 4 years in fire camp.

Latest Result:   Deferred judgement given for the first time in this judge's courtroom to both defendants for Drug Possession and Use with Firearm offenses.

Latest Result:   Tennen and Calabria, 2 top attorneys, Wins No Prison ! In a Hung Jury case involving an executive in a very complex and serious sex crimes trial.



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Defense Attorney Jennifer Wirsching defends defendant in fraud case

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Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of money or property by someone in a position of trust or responsibility, such as an employee or agent. Embezzlement is a white collar offense and can be anything from misusing public funds to falsifying documents in order to transfer funds into another account. Lawyers know embezzlement can involve alleged amounts of thousands to millions of dollars.

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Penalties for Embezzlement

Penalties for embezzlement usually include restitution, the return of the money or property to the damaged parties, and jail or prison time.

In addition to the return of money or property damages, the court can impose interest, fines and penalty assessment fees. This may lead to high restitution penalties creating a lifelong financial burden, if you don't have the best criminal lawyers to defend you. Even an accusation of embezzlement can do substantial harm to your professional reputation, public image and relationships, and future employment.

An experienced attorney can often be instrumental in minimizing penalties and fines, saving you thousands or even millions of dollars. An attorney can also help work out a reasonable payment plan that allows you to pay back damages over an extensive time period, while at the same time keeping you out of jail or prison.

Federal penalties for embezzlement are harsh as misdemeanors can be fined up to $100,000 and felonies can be fined in excess of $250,000 and sentencing also includes several years in federal prison. For instance, embezzling from a banking institution of more than $1,000 carries a fine of up to $1,000,000 and 30 years in federal prison. You need criminal lawyers with federal defense experience in this.

Here are the penalties for embezzlement in all 50 states. However, you should seek advice from an attorney as penalties vary on many factors, including updated legislation, past record, the amount, etc..

Defense of Embezzlement!

Pre-trial preparation by lawyers is one of the keys to the successful defense of embezzlement. Oftentimes, attorneys use experts in computer forensics or handwriting to tip the scales in your favor. Your defense team of lawyers needs to have the resources to thoroughly prepare for combat with the prosecution.

Embezzlement cases are often won or lost based on pre-trial preparation by lawyers. Your defense team of attorneys must have the time and expertise to conduct its own investigation.

Embezzlement tends to be easier for our attorneys to negotiate in terms of plea discussions than violent or sex offenses. Although, we always prepare for trial, our seasoned lawyers are especially skilled at negotiation techniques. We always strive to present you with the best potential negotiated resolution possible, knowing that it is your choice whether to take a deal or go to trial.

Whether you elect to resolve your case with or without a trial, the most important factors regarding embezzlement are that your case is fully prepared and you are able to make a fully informed choice. It is your future and life that is hanging by a thread, so mounting the best defense requires a team of lawyers, not just one.

Read about the defenses of embezzlement used by our criminal lawyers.

Embezzlement tends to have financial consequences if you suffer a conviction. Fines and restitution are often mandatory, and an experienced attorney can guide and advise you from a financial perspective on how to lessen the impact of these.

Why Hire the Best Lawyers?

LibertyBell Law Group was founded by a group of the top criminal defense attorneys with a track record of getting cases dismissed and the best plea bargains. Our lawyers grew frustrated with the fact that thousands of people suffer life-altering consequences because they cannot mount an adequate defense.

Our attorneys united to level the playing field. We hand-picked only the foremost lawyers and experts in the defense of embezzlement. Our lawyers have extensive experience in sensitive and highly challenging cases of embezzlement.

Our attorneys are legal veterans with all of the resources needed to get the best possible ending to your legal nightmare. We make this powerful legal defense force of lawyers available and affordable to you.

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You can now draw on the combined talents and resources of numerous top attorneys with one goal -- getting the best possible ending to your case. We defend you inside and outside of court and do the best to protect your reputation, career, and image in the public eye.

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