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Ponzi Scheme Lawyer

Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme

A ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme are terms often used interchangeably to describe investment fraud. However, investors sometimes contact law enforcement when their return on investment is lower than expected and they are disappointed. Since the wake of the recession, law enforcement has become eager to prosecute any individual or organization with even the slightest hint of operating a ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Investors and business partners may be paid in cash or promised profitable stocks, hedge funds, or any investment vehicle. Pyramid schemes differ in that it also involves multi-level marketing or chain referral, aside from your initial investment. The operator of an alleged ponzi and pyramid scheme typically promises a high return on investment.

Ponzi/pyramid schemes may even start off as a legitimate business venture obtaining money from investors but then caving in later leading investors empty handed and angry. If you are accused of or investigated for operating a pyramid or ponzi scheme it is imperative you contact our lawyers immediately. If charges haven't been filed, our attorneys can, many times, prevent charges from being filed.

Ponzi or pyramid schemes are usually charged in a federal court. They also usually receive a lot of coverage by news agencies. Our lawyers can protect you from misleading statements in the public eye and attacks from the media, especially during a trial. You need the best criminal lawyers to defend you from allegations of a pyramid or ponzi scheme, as state and federal penalties are very severe.

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Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme Penalties

Accusations of operating a pyramid or ponzi scheme are very serious because of the amount of damages involved and the fact that prosecution often occurs in a federal court. Both of these facts usually lead to long prison times and enormous financial penalties when not represented by the best attorneys.

It is critical for your attorneys to immediately identify whether you are or might be charged by the federal government. Federal courts are different from state courts and require a different type of defense by lawyers. Ponzi and pyramid schemes are investigated by large government agencies with virtually unlimited resources and time to build their cases. If you suspect that you may be charged or under investigation by the federal government, it is critical that you obtain the services of a criminal defense attorney experienced in federal defense.

Ponzi and pyramid schemes are investigated by:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Federal Attorney
  • State Attorney
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
  • Local Detectives and Investigative Agencies

When you are being accused of a ponzi or pyramid scheme you need attorneys who have worked successfully in the past with local and federal agencies. Our lawyers know the unique characteristics of these agencies, how they operate, and how to deal with them. In these, over the years, our lawyers have built up credibility and relationships.

Our lawyers are very successful in preventing a case from being filed when retained early on and also excel at preventing evidence from being entered in trial, among many other factors that bring favorable results.

Ponzi/pyramid schemes can be subject to strict federal sentencing guidelines, substantial prison terms, and restitution based on the amount of money involved. In general, penalties increase in proportion to the number of victims and the amount of financial loss suffered by them. ponzi scheme charges require an aggressive defense because of the large number of potential witnesses who may testify against you in hopes of receiving financial restitution.

Defense of Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes!

Pre-trial preparation by lawyers is the key to a successful defense of a ponzi or pyramid scheme. Your defense team of attorneys needs to have the experience and expertise to determine which records are relevant to your case and thoroughly analyze these records in fact development.

An accusation of operating a ponzi scheme or pyrmaid scheme commonly involves one or more of the following:

  • Fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Tax Evasion
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Securities Fraud

LibertyBell Law Group Lawyers are experienced in all of the above and related charges that come up in ponzi and pyramid scheme allegations.

Ponzi scheme defense requires specific techniques used by lawyers depending on the type of alleged fraud and co-occuring accusations. The investigation requires discovery motions to compel prosecutors, employers, banks and other institutions to turn over records that can be used in your defense. Building your case also involves the questioning and use of witnesses and more.

Ponzi Scheme accusations must be fought vigorously by thorough investigation and trial strategies. Usually many witnesses testify against the defendant hoping to receive financial restitution. Your defense team of lawyers must have the expertise and time to conduct its own investigation.

The specialized skills and time involved to mount a successful defense requires a team of lawyers, not just one. For the most part, prosecuting attorneys do not pursue cases they feel they can lose in trial. It is critical for your lawyers to dig even deeper than the prosecution and inject reasonable doubt to let you win in court.

LibertyBell Law Group was founded by a group of criminal defense attorneys who have a track record of generating the best results. We were very disappointed with the fact that people across the country suffer life-altering consequences because they cannot mount an adequate defense and get the best representation.

Top lawyers joined together to level the playing field. We hand-picked only the foremost lawyers and experts in ponzi and pyramid scheme defense. We have extensive experience in sensitive and highly challenging ponzi and pyramid scheme cases.

We provide our veteran attorneys with all of the resources they need to get the best possible ending to your case. Our powerful legal defense force of lawyers is available and affordable.

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